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The Station Bar - A Wee History


This old established hostelry dates back to the year 1850 when a licence was first granted to a gentleman called ‘Samuel Forrester’ to sell porter and spirits. The premises then were very small, surrounded by a cart shed, stables and two workshops. Mr Forrester was not just a spirit dealer he also sold hay and grain, he continued to sell liquor here until the year 1865.


At the end of the 19th Century the old premises were demolished and replaced by a new red sandstone building that stands on the site today. Mr Duffy then had a brand new public house with his name above the door “Philip Duffy Wines & Spirit Vaults”.


In 1937 a ‘Mr Patrick F. Mc Goorty” then took over the premises and renamed it the ‘Station Bar’. He ran the premises through World War II until in eventually in 1950 he sold it on to ‘Mr Edward Foley’. In 1973 Mr Foley passed away and his wife took over until selling it on too Mr Matthew Reid who sadly passed away in 2013..


Matthew Reid raised the standards to the highest levels in both service and quality of products. He added his name to the signage and the pub was known far and wide as an exemplary hostelry.


The torch was then passed to Michael and Joe Mc Hugh in 1987.

In 2006 The Station Bar was purchased by Joe’s son Michael who had set of on his own path in the trade with his first venture in Alexander’s, Clydebank in 1992.


The Station Bar has earned a reputation for our Real Ales and has recently been commended by the industry for the excellent quality of our Ales. We were also awarded a plague from the Incorporation Of Maltmen in Glasgow in recognising our attention to our Ales. Just two very special reasons to visit ‘The Station Bar’ or as it is affectionately called by aficionados ‘The TSB’.

So please join your host Michael with Daughter's Kayleigh & Sinéad, and their trusty team, to wish you a warm welcome to our traditional, privately owned, historic bar.


The next chapter starts here so join us and be part of our future history...



Tel: 0141 332 3117